The Water Quality Research Group in Public Health Core Laboratory has access to two fully-equipped Biosafety-Level-3 and two Biosafety-Level-2 laboratories for the detection of viruses, bacteria and protozoa in environmental samples.

The Public Health Core Laboratory is capable of running multiple US EPA approved molecular microbiology assays as well as a variety of standard microbiological techniques. The laboratory consists of separate areas for sample preparation, nucleic acid extraction, PCR reagent preparation, PCR amplification and post-PCR procedures, media preparation, cell culture processing, and cultivation. The laboratory has multiple biological safety cabinets and PCR work stations, one robotic DNA extraction instrument (Qiacube), three qPCR instruments (ABI Step One, BioRad CFX and Cepheid Smart Cycler), two conventional thermocyclers (BioRad), electrophoresis units, cell culture stations, an inverted and epifluorescence microscope, centrifuges, IDEXX Quanti-Tray® Sealer, a -80   C freezer, conventional freezers and refrigerators, equipment for plating, counting, and harvesting microorganisms, and a variety of other molecular and general microbiology equipment.

Field equipment consists of several water and sediment sampling devices, turbidity meter (Oakton), YSI Multi Pro with the capability of measuring temperature, salinity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, and a portable filtration device.